Inside Dog, Outside Dog

Alba is a German Shepherd from a working line of Shepherds from Eastern Europe.

German Shepherds are loyal and need a job and know what you want from them.

Archer is a Catahoula Cur, the breed is the state dog of Louisiana – they were bred for hunting hogs in the swamps.

Catahoula’s are amazing swimmers and need exercise every day.

Alba and Archer are beautiful, energetic, fun-loving, intelligent dogs – both are capable of making our lives amazing or miserable! To make sure we have an amazing life with these gorgeous dogs, we live by a simple rule of “Inside Dog, Outside Dog”. This means when the dogs are inside, they know acceptable calm behavior and when we are outside, their boundaries are extended and acceptable energy release levels are much higher.

It took my husband and I time to both agree on these levels of energy for Inside Dog, Outside Dog, but we did agree and have given way to some compromise. For example, Archer is incredible at rough-house and play then switching in an instant to calm, cool and collected. It’s very remarkable. I use to get annoyed with him allowing Archer to rough-play with him in the house, but I’ve learned it’s perfectly fine with Archer as long as Alba is distracted with something else. She has not yet learned to turn it off as well as him.

The key to making all of this work is to be disciplined at making sure both dogs get the level of exercise and stimulation that they need … every single day. We cannot and do not miss a day. The dogs get so excited when we get their harnesses – makes it really easy for us to put them on and our outings are fun for everyone. Then when we come in the house, they are calm and the house is a nice place to be. I love having friends over for dinner – they always compliment the dogs.

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