Riding Reflections

Today is a rainy day – the perfect kind of sitting down and reflections and planning 2019 riding events! I applied for the Rev’It US Women’s team so this got me motivated to add some riding memories pictures in this blog and motivate for 2019 stories!


Enjoy these pictures!

We love to ride

Most of our vacations are planned around riding. In 2018 we rode down to Atlanta, Georgia. On our way back to Virginia we detoured a bit and rode the entire Blue Ridge Parkway, starting in Cherokee, NC and ending in Afton, VA. We stayed one night in Little Switzerland to break it up a bit and enjoy some views, reprieve from the rain that evening and a bit of bourbon by the fire. This was the longest ride I have put on the Ducati Scrambler – Italia Independent. The Harley has been across country many times.

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