Spring is here … the dogs are having fun!

Now that spring has finally come to Virginia, the dogs want out every chance they get. Funny thing is they are not use to the warmth so they seek rest spots out pretty frequently too.

I love that a year ago Alba couldn’t catch a frisbee or a ball to save her life. She still has more exuberance than she does calculation, but she catches it more often than not now.

March Moto Madness 2019

This is the first time we’ve gone to March Moto Madness – I had no idea how great the Smoky Mountains Tennessee dirt riding is! The guys have been there but I hadn’t. I had not been on my dirt bike in over a year so I needed to get my legs back under me but this was the perfect place to do that. We mostly rode dirt roads and the trails we hit were not too technical, but it gave me the confidence and desire to ride a lot of dirt this year. Such a good time!

Beach Riding

My man was in Daytona for a couple weeks riding, hanging out with his brother, and waiting on a major truck overhaul that we decided needed to be done to keep it running for a few hundred thousand miles more. I had been working long hours and traveling a lot, so he made sure to take my bike down to the beach so I could fly in and get a ride while he was there. I flew in on a Fri evening, rode all day Saturday, and flew back out on Sunday. Totally worth it to get the smell of salt air and warm weather riding in! I needed it!

Fresh air and running days

Yesterday the weather broke from the rain we’ve been having so it was perfect to get out and make sure everyone, including me, got much needed exercise and fresh air. In the middle of my run, I stopped at a ditch to let Alba run back and forth in it and enjoy splashing. I love her smile when she does this and I love that her recall is getting so good that I can let her off leash and give her this freedom to just be a dog and splash in the mud a bit.

Nothing beats letting loose and splashing through a ditch!

Then we got home from our run, the neighbor dog wanted to play frisbee. Once that was over, everyone was ready for some rest. Now we are watching a mix of snow, sleet and rain from our window – wishing for some blue skies!

Riding Reflections

Today is a rainy day – the perfect kind of sitting down and reflections and planning 2019 riding events! I applied for the Rev’It US Women’s team so this got me motivated to add some riding memories pictures in this blog and motivate for 2019 stories!


Enjoy these pictures!