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    Ha ha ha ha – wellllll – for me dance is not natural. I have no sense of rhythm and I just don’t have the experience to know much about any type of dance. One day a girl from work told me about pole dancing and my first reaction was that of distain, but she was a girl I really respected so I asked her more about it. She convinced me that it doesn’t carry the stigma of strip clubs and she really thought I’d like the new challenge (I was very fit at the time). I figured… why not…let’s try. I signed up for a class and realized quickly it was not at all what I expected and way harder than I could have imagined. I like to describe it more like a gymnastic class – but vertical! I didn’t stay with pole dancing really long but I loved the challenge and workout. It was fun to really go outside my comfort zone and at least give it a try.

    I still can’t dance but this is the closest I came to it. I hope someone here has a better real dance story to share with everyone 🙂

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