Meet Molly

Molly is a nickname I was given 20 years ago when I was a rower (yikes, 20 years!!!). When I was developing Molly’s Forum, I decided to bring Molly back to life because Molly is also a beautiful fish that is known for being resilient and strong. I couldn’t think of a better logo to represent all the women here!

Molly’s Story

You may wonder what motivated me to start a forum specifically designed to motivate women. It’s simple. My life was everything but normal and as I was growing up and becoming a woman, like every woman, I was on a continuous search to find the motivation I needed to try new things and put my imaginations to action. As I reflect back, I realize that everything I did ended up coming from someone kick starting me in some way.

It all began when I was a teenager and I was having extreme headaches. My mom took me to an eye doctor thinking it was my eyes. He examined my eyes then sat back and looked at me and said “there’s nothing wrong with your eyes, but you are young and out of shape and you need to lose some weight”. He said it in a kind, motivating way, and he proceeded to give me a list of ideas on things I could do to make myself more healthy.

The very next day (in the middle of a cold Canadian winter), I got up early in the dark, snowy, morning, and I got dressed as warm as I could and I tried to go for a run. Every day after this I ran and during these days I learned a lot about running, stretching, what to wear, what not to wear, how to dress for the elements, what to eat, and so much more. How did I learn all these things? Sometimes I came home with blisters so big I had to soak my feet in epsom salt and go shopping for new shoes. In the summer my thighs hurt when I ran (from rubbing together) so I went to a sports store and bought compression shorts. I eventually joined my high school cross country team and my coach taught me even more. In short, I learned from trial and error and asking a lot of people a lot of questions.

I grew to love running. It was my private time and escape, and for the first time I realized my special athletic capabilities. I grew strong and fast and my body toned. The headaches went away and I challenged myself with all the local races I could find. Soon I was winning or placing in the top 3 every race. Then one day I came home from a run and a developing pain in my ankles overtook me. Soon I started spraining my ankles time and time again until I finally went to the doctor. He told me that my weak ankles were not “fixable” and if I wanted to walk I needed to stop running. I left the doctor’s office in tears and went back to school that afternoon completely disheartened. That very same day I met someone who rowed and thought to myself, “I need to try”. The next day after school I walked down to the rowing club alone, shy and nervous, and I asked to try rowing. Little did I know that would be the start of a very successful rowing career for me.

After rowing came traveling and horses and hiking and studying and mountain biking and skydiving and yoga and pole dancing and motorcycles- the list doesn’t end. Anytime an opportunity presented itself, I tried it.

This forum is not created with any specific focus – it is here as a resource for you to find and share ideas, to kickstart your own dreams and desires, and help me provide the motivation to anyone else who needs a little boost.